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Affordable and customizable Studio Recording


Live Off The Floor Recording :

Set up and play with your band or by yourself and we can record it! It can be a simple recording for creative reference or a full tracked and live recording for ready tracks.

Multi-Tracked Recording: 

Full studio sound recording with our experienced in-house engineer! We try and capture your music and sound to the best of our abilities with capabilities of 16 channels being recorded at a time. We offer help with composition of music and also have in-house studio musicians. *


Film Sound Recording: 

Record and edit the sound for your film here! Our in-house engineer has experience in foley work! We can also provide music for films (pre-recorded as well as composed specifically to your project*)


If your previous project was didn't sound as good as you wanted it, bring it in and we can help remix and make it the piece of art that you would be proud to show off to friends, family and fans.


Bring your already created music and lets add those crisp and clear vocals that you want!

Beat Making: 

We also offer great beats for DJ and Hip Hop musicians! Bring your ideas to us and make them a reality! Get your beats cleaned up and reworked here!




Producing Rates: Contact us***

Studio Musicians: Contact us


*for a fee charged by hourly rates

**An in-house engineer is required to be present for all recordings.

50% Deposit upon Scheduling.

***Includes recording engineer

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